An athletic male balances on one arm in a impressive yoga pose, thanks to taking Henotic Hemp CBD

For decades, the search for the most optimal performance-enhancer has been a complex and arduous journey leaving most athletes reduced to taking shortcuts at the detriment of their own health.

While many in the past have found their pursuits in vain, there has been a new contender knocking on the…

When is the last time you had one of ‘the talks’ with yourself?

You know the kind.

You have been on autopilot for months, putting the stuff off you need to get to for too long. You’ve become a walking metaphor for the email box that keeps piling up with unread junk.

The pressure to make some changes is finally breaking through. You…


Henotic Hemp is a Performance CBD company that helps you Work Hard, Play Hard, and Recover Easy with superior cannabinoid formulated products.

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